Employment: Background Checks

To ensure the health and safety of the individuals we serve, County Boards, provider agencies, and the Department are required to regularly conduct background investigations on employees. These requirements are spelled out in the Ohio Revised Code 5123.081: Criminal Records Check and Administrative Rule 5123:2-2-02: Background Investigations for Employment.

This presentation has general information about requirements, including who is required to have a background check, and disqualifying offenses. Below is more information about different tools and resources.

Criminal Background Checks

Automated Registry Check System

The Automated Registry Check System (ARCS) makes conducting background investigations easier by checking all six required registries at once, rather than searching six different websites.  Accessing ARCS: Steps to access ARCS

Access ARCS Existing Account (PDF)

Access  ARCS New Account (PDF)

County Boards and provider agencies are required to check six different registries when conducting pre- and post-hiring registry checks of employees. Instead of searching six different websites, you now can check all six registries at once by using the Automated Registry Check System (ARCS). ARCS checks the following registries:

  1. Excluded Parties List System (U.S. General Services Administration)
  2. List of Excluded Individuals and Entities (U.S. Office of Inspector General)
  3. Ohio Sex Offender and Child Victim Database (Ohio Attorney General's Office)
  4. DODD Abuser Registry Verification (Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities)
  5. Ohio Nurse Aide Registry (Ohio Department of Health)
  6. ODRC Inmates Database (Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction)

Follow the steps below to access ARCS.

Steps to Access ARCS

Step One: Update your provider information in MITS

Make sure your Medicaid provider information is up to date in the Medicaid Information Technology System (MITS) portal, including your contact name and email address. Update your information by following the instructions in Attachment 1 (existing MITS account), or Attachment 2 (new MITS account).

If your organization has a Medicaid Provider Number, you already have an account. 

The easiest way to update your account is to have your MITS administrator (usually your fiscal or billing person who handles claims) update the provider information by following the instructions in the Automated Registry Check System User Guide.

Note: This is the only time you will need to set up the MITS portal for this purpose. If you need help, call the MITS help line at 800-686-1516. To talk with a person, select the following options: 3, 3, 3, 1, 3, 0. Once the talking starts again, select 0.

Step Two: Send an email to ARCS 

Send an email to the ARCS help desk at ARCS.Support@Medicaid.Ohio.gov notifying them that you have updated your information, and provide them with the name of your agency and your agency's Medicaid provider number. 

The ARCS help desk will verify that there is an email address and contact name in MITS, and that the Medicaid number you provide is assigned to your agency. It also will confirm that your agency is an agency that is able to use ARCS.

Once everything is verified, the ARCS help desk will import your contact information from MITS to ARCS. At this time, the help desk is doing the imports twice a month – on the 1st and 15th.

Step Three: Look for an email from the ARCS help desk

  1. If you have not provided a contact name and email address in MITS, or the agency name and Medicaid provider number do not match, you will receive an email from the ARCS help desk notifying you of this so you can update your information. 
  2. If you have provided a contact name and email address in MITS, and the Medicaid number and agency name match, you will receive the welcome to ARCS email. This email will go to the contact person and email address set up in MITS.

Note: If you have completed all of the steps above and do not receive the welcome to ARCS email, contact the ARCS help desk at ARCS.Support@Medicaid.Ohio.gov.

Step Four: Set up your ARCS account

Log in to ARCS and set up your account. From here, you can change your email address in ARCS. 

The Automated Registry Check System User Guide is on DODD's website. Click on link for Providers or County Boards, and go to Resources.


The Retained Applicant Fingerprint Background Check (Rapback) provides additional safeguards against allowing convicted criminals to remain in positions of trust by providing notifications of subsequent criminal activity.

The Retained Applicant Fingerprint Background Check (Rapback) provides additional safeguards against allowing convicted criminals to remain in positions of trust. While background checks only provide a snapshot of a person's criminal history at a specific moment in time, Rapback provides notifications of subsequent criminal activity. For enrolled individuals, BCI stores fingerprints captured as part of the employment screening processes in a separate Retained Applicant Fingerprint Database. These prints are searched against all new criminal prints, and prints submitted to BCI as part of a court disposition process. When a match is found, BCI provides rap sheet information back ("rap-back") to the enrolling agency, who can then determine the individual's eligibility for continued employment. When you use Rapback, you do not need to conduct five year re-checks for employees who are enrolled in Rapback – Rapback essentially does re-checks on an ongoing basis. Visit the Ohio Attorney General's website for more information about Rapback, and to view Rapback user manuals. For Rapback questions, please call BCI at 877-224-0043.

The annual cost for Rapback is $5 per person that you enroll. You will be billed at enrollment and on the anniversary date – there is no credit given for disenrollment. Invoices are sent monthly, and will be combined with your Webcheck invoice if you are a current Webcheck Customer. There is no application fee, or fee to have a Rapback account.

Please note: Rapback does not replace the pre-employment criminal records check. R. C. 5123.018 requires that an individual under final consideration for employment with a County Board or a direct service position with a provider or subcontractor undergo a criminal records check by BCI.

Download a printable PDF

You can enroll in the Retained Applicant Fingerprint Background Check (Rapback) program online. Go to the online enrollment page and click on "Register" at the top of the screen. The online enrollment form will appear. You will need to complete each section of the form – note that required fields are marked with a red asterisk. *

Section One – Customer Information

    1. Enter the name of your agency exactly as it appears in MITS.

    2. Enter your address exactly as it appears in MITS. 

    3. Indicate if you are a current Webcheck Customer—this means if your agency has a Webcheck machine.  If you answer yes, enter your Webcheck customer account number or agency code. 

    4. Enter your tax identification number.

    5. At the box for Service Provider, select "Medicaid Provider"

    6. Enter your Medicaid Provider Number exactlyas it appears in MITS. Note: This is not your DODD number.

    7. In the Describe Organization and Business Need, type in this description: "We are an agency provider required by DODD to Rapback our employees in direct care positions."

    • Tip: For your Rapback application to be accepted, the name, address and Medicaid number you enter in the application must match what is listed in MITS, even if it is outdated. Agencies received an email providing the exact agency name, Medicaid number, and address as they appear in MITS. If you did not receive this email, please call 800-617-6733 and select option 5.

Section Two –Customer's Overall Administrator

Each customer in Rapback is required to have an administrator for their account, known as the Overall Administrator. The Overall Administrator can create usernames and assign others within the agency to enroll employees into Rapback. 

Enter the information for the Overall Administrator, including name, title, and contact information.

Section Three – Billing Contact and Address

Each customer must complete who will receive the invoices for employees enrolled in Rapback. Enter the information for the billing contact, including name, title, and contact information.

  • Tip: If the street address of the billing contact is different that the address listed under Customer Enrollment, you must enter an address for the billing contact. If the billing contact's address is the same as the address you provided for your agency, check the box marked "Same Address as Customer." 

Section Four - Email Address

Enter the email address for the additional employees to receive invoice notices, and the email addresses for the employees you want to receive notices when a fingerprint match is found.

  • Tip: At least one email address must be entered under the Emails for Fingerprint Notices section when you submit your application. You can add other email addresses after BCI accepts your application.

Section Five - Customer Agreement

Read the Customer Agreement and check the first box to certify that you have authority to bind your agency to the terms of the agreement, and check the second box to agree to all of the terms and conditions. 

  • Tip: The customer agreement must be scrolled to the bottom before the check boxes are enabled to proceed. Also, the overall administrator must renew this agreement every year. If not renewed within 30 days, Rapback functions are limited.

Section Six - Submit

Review the information you've entered to verify that it's correct, and click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

Download a printable PDF

Once enrolled in Rapback, an employee's fingerprints are automatically compared against incoming arrest and disposition information. Comparisons are initiated in real-time as new arrests and judicial information become available.

Reviewing Hits

1.       If there is a match between an enrollee and an event (an arrest or judicial information), also known as a "hit," an email notification is sent to all email addresses on file. The subject line of the email states "Rapback Activity." There will not be any information in the email about which enrollee had a match.

2.       Log in to Rapback and go to the "Affirm/Disaffirm Enrollment" page.

3.       Affirm or Disaffirm the Rap Sheet. 

    1. Affirm means you are entitled to view the Rap Sheet, as the employee is still employed by your agency and is required to be in Rapback.
    2. Disaffirm means that you are not entitled to view the Rap Sheet, as the employee is no longer employed by your agency or no longer is required to be enrolled in Rapback. Once disaffirmed, access to the Rap Sheet is revoked. The employee should be unenrolled from Rapback.
Title: Rapback Screen shot - Affirm/Disaffirm Entitlement - Description: Screen shot of the Affirm/Disaffirm Entitlement page in Rapback

4.      Go to the "Entitled Rap Sheet" Page to view the Affirmed Rap Sheet. Affirmed Rap Sheets can be viewed for 60 days from the date of the notification.

Title: Rapback Screen shot - Entitled Rapsheets - Description: Screen shot of the Entitled Rapsheets page in Rapback

Key Concepts

  • Rap Sheets will only be displayed for 60 days from the date of the notification. You must save or print the Rap Sheets – the Office of Provider Standards and Review may ask to see the Rap Sheets. 
  • You may only Affirm a Rap Sheet when the employee is still employed with your agency. If the employee is no longer employed with your agency, you must Disaffirm enrollment.

Rapback Arcs FAQ